Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The Company was established in 1949 at Karachi with head office at 260 R. A. Lines, by the families of Mr. Minocher Dinshaw and Mr. Godrej Kandawalla. Mr. Eddie Minocher Dinshaw was the Managing Director from its inception. The company commenced operation by plying their ships between Karachi / Chittagong / Chalna.

The first vessel Binfiled was purchased but was sold very shortly without registering. Then a coal fired steamship was purchased which was named “Ocean Endeavour I” which after plying for some years was sold subsequently in sixties.

In mid fifties there was shortage of coal and the company arranged to charter several vessels on behalf of the Government of Pakistan to transport coal for Karachi / Chittagong from China.

After 1971 the company continued to ply their vessels abroad by chartering to foreign companies. At the time of nationalization the company had the following vessels.

Ø      Ocean Energy                 …        Built 1953
Ø      Ocean Endurance           …        Built 1966
Ø      Ocean Endeavour           …        Built 1965

The  company  also owned  Old  Ralli  BuildingTalpur  Road,  Off I.I.  Chundrigar  Road., Karachi which  was  also  taken  over  by the Government after nationalization of  shipping in 1974. This  building  has  covered  area of 9,856 square meters.


  1. What happened to TOSSCO? And the "Ocean Energy"? I sailed on her a few times. Have many fond memories ....

    1. I do not know anything about TOSSCO but I saw "Ocean Energy" back in 1969 at Karachi harbour. It was a beautiful ship and quite modern as compared to "Chittagong City" of "Chittagong Steamship Co". It was handed over to PNSC in 1974 and was probably scrapped few years later.